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Who are the Assyrians?
This independent app is social, informative, educational and revolutionary for the Assyrian community! Enjoy meeting and talking to other Assyrians around the world in group and private chat groups, learn conversational phrases in both the Eastern and Western dialects, and find Assyrian owned businesses around you.

What Assyrian events and news can I follow?
Our news feed is constantly streaming with the most up to date and relevant articles. You can also track when the next Assyrian party is going on to dance khigga. This Assyrian app also has a live stream of the popular TV network ANB (Assyrian National Broadcasting)

What language does an Assyrian speak and what does the alphabet look and sound like?
Assyrians speak Neo-Aramaic. The Neo-Aramaic alphabet is 22 letters. You will be able to learn all 22 with their correct pronunciations!