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Assyrian App

I love this app, Allah minokon ( to the maker of this app.. And everyone else to ☺)


Great app to learn about the Assyrian culture

Great Work!

It is educational, fun, very useful....and the khigga dance call of the Assyrian is priceless. Nicely done and thx.

Surath eela doose

Nice Love this app


Nasha this is so tamizzzz.


This app is sweet. Assyrian Pride!

A joy and pleasure to create this app

Thanks for the positive reviews on the Assyrian App. Creating the app was a rewarding experience and knowing that Assyrians and non-Assyrians alike are enjoying the app truly is a gift. It's our hope that our app user base will benefit from the Aramaic alphabet and by sharing the light-hearted features in the app, like the Proverbs section. Please don't hesitate to let our support contact know your feedback - we'll try our best to address your comments. Check out the latest updates and let us know your thoughts

New version is awesome

I love all of the new updates. My favorite is the "around me" feature. Always love supporting Assyrian businesses. The memes are hilarious!!


Assyrian pride!!! Yee buddy spread it everywhere!!! Love this app

One small problem

I like the app my husband is Assyrian but with the proverbs / sayings, instead of just reading it could you please have a button that's repeats the saying back to you ! Just to make sure I'm saying it correctly and not cussing someone out I'm sure you understand thanks alot 

Great App must have

If your Assyrian you have to have this App. If your not Assyrian even more of a reason to get.

Fabulous App!

I am so pleased with this app! Highly recommend on downloading it. Thank you!

Great for keeping in touch!

Great app for connecting Assyrians together via churches, social clubs and businesses. Another medium for Assyrian businesses to grow their clientele base and outreach! Good job guys!

Con can!!

Love the app!! Wish someone would create an online con cam game!! Can you do it?


Love this app!

Assyrian app

This is truly a classic app for Assyrians the sayings they have are hilarious with a quick history lesson. Awsome

Great App.

This is so great. I'm trying to learn Assyrian and this will help so much. Can't wait to see more language learning features. Audio for the alphabet isn't working though. My wife is Assyrian and wants to know if we can submit some proverbs. Thank you all for creating this. Alaha minokhoon.

Very informative

Love it!


This is a great accomplishment in moving forward and teaching not only younger generations; however, globally! This is a great tool and very easy to use. Congratulations to Base2Applications for a wonderful job!! Looking forward to many great things and thank you for expanding knowledge of the Assyrians. Base2Apps exists with the upper echelon of companies when it comes to being modern day martyrs. Thank you to all who put the time and energy in this amazing app.

Cool app

Very cool.

Been searching for my roots

Thank you

Downloaded it as soon as I read the title!!!!

The app has not crashed at all! I am using an old iPhone 3GS and it works seamlessly. The UI is very simple to use. The "Events" page is up to date and the event listings uses the iOS calendar so it looks very familiar. I am looking forward to any possible updates in the future. The proverbs are very accurate. The "Around Me" section is my favourite. I never knew there were so many Assyrian-owned establishments. The embedded RSS feeder in the "News" section is pretty cool, too. A+

It is about time!!!!!

Cool consolidated app with all the features one would need to get to know a great culture!!! I am very pround to call myself an Assyrian! Btw check out the "A-Card" in the app...its hilarious!!!

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